Each Friday, the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin delights its audience with creative journalism to the highest degree. Starting off the weekend, it delivers the readers of the Süddeutsche Zeitung a unique blend of thoroughly researched reports and portraits, of surprising interviews and challenging photo shoots and artwork. The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin exists for over 20 years and has developed into a leading medium in the world of magazines, as proven by the mire of over 200 awards for its achievements in journalism, graphic design and photography by several international juries of experts all over the world. In order to carry out these achievements, we rely on a pool of highly qualified staff members, journalists, photographers and illustrators.

We have the privilege of being appended in a quality newspaper beyond any doubt. This enables the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin to observe everyday life as much as the big picture in politics, business and culture – plus all the current trends in fashion and design, travel and pleasure. The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin aims for top-notch entertainment; it hopes to tell stories that stick in our memory and it brings together something that so ostensibly rare comes together: lifestyle and quality journalism. We manage this by combining them with panache in the way we write and think, which in turn gains the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin something other magazines can only dream of: almost 1,060,000 readers (AWA 2012) are not just readers, but friends and fans.


portrait Joachim Baldauf; Frank Bauer; Olaf Blecker; Tibor Bozi; Jeff Dunas; Albrecht Fuchs; Marcus Gaab; Philippe Halsman; Daniel Josefson; Paul Kranzler; Stefan Moses; Andreas Mühe; Konrad R. Müller; Martin Parr; Bettina Rheims; Terry Richardson; Peter Rigaud; André Rival; Thomas Ruff; Luis Sanchez; Nico Schmid- Burgk; Alfred Steffen; Juergen Teller; Christopher Thomas; Erwin Wurm Still life Olaf Blecker; Bela Borsodi/Paul Graves; Hans Gerlach; Hans Hansen; David Hockney; Reinhard Hunger; Andreas Lux; Robert Mappelthrope; Phil Poynter; Oliver Schwarzwald Fashion Mark Borthwick; Wiebke Bosse; Marcus Gaab; Stephan Indlekofer/Claudia Knoepfel; Markus Jans; Mierswa-Kluska; Nick Knight; David

LaChapelle; Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin; Steven Meisel; Jeff Riedel; Alec Soth; Deborah Turbeville; Jonas Unger; Ellen von Unwerth Reports Julian Baumann; Bernd & Hilla Becher; Will McBride; Thomas Dashuber; Raymond Depardon; Hans Engels; Martin Fengel; Stephanie Füssenich; Simon Gallus; Andreas Gursky; Hubertus Hamm; Thomas Höpker; Rinko Kawauchi; Tanja Kernweiss; Erik Kessels; Peter Langenhahn; Robert Lebeck; Eva Leitwolf; David Lynch; James Mollison; Myrzik & Jarisch; Helmut Newton; Robert Polidori; Todd Selby; Robert Shaw; Armin Smailovic; Florian Süssmayer; Mario Testino; Wolfgang Tillmanns; Jonas Unger; Olaf Unverzart; Robert Voit; Ai Weiwei


Monika Aichele; Istvan Banyai; M.S. Bastian; Arne Bellstorf (Hoven); Tina Berning; François Berthoud; Serge Bloch; Romy Blümel; Ecke Bonk; Jens Bonnke; Hans-Jörg Brehm; Olaf Breuning; Norm Breyfogle; Philipp Burke; François Chalet; Susan Cianciolo; Joseph Ciardiello; Laurent Cilluffo; Manfred Deix; Jeanne Detallante; Nick Dewar; Felix Dobbert; Martina Minette Dreier; Judith Drews; Elke Ehninger; Onur Erbay; Frank Flöthmann; Thomas Fuchs; Klaus Fürmaier; Mark Gagnon; Gerhard Gepp; Grafilu; Achim Greser; Katharina Gschwendtner; Mats Gustafson; Martin Haake; René Habermacher; Till Hafenbrak; Richard Haines; Olaf Hajek; Dieter Hanitzsch; Sarah Harvey; Christoph Haußner; Isabell Heimerdinger; Heishiro; Simon Henwood; Hergé; Marc Herold; John Hersey; Frank Hoppmann; Rudi Hurzlmeier; Zsuzsanna Ilijin; Ernst Kahl; Jörn Kaspuhl; Stefan Katz; Alfons Kiefer; Reinhard

Kleist; Isabel Klett; Urs J. Knobel; Almud Kunert; Rinah Lang; Thomas Libetti; Margarete Lindau; Uwe Loesch; Mike Loos; Günter Mattei; Michael Matthias; Jürgen Mick; Bernd Mölck Tassel; Albert Morell; Aurore de la Morinerie; Sylvia Neuner; Christoph Niemann; Frank Nikol; Christian Northeast; Peter Oedekoven; Uli Oesterle; Nigel Peake; Karsten Petrat; André Poloczek; Nana Rausch; Andy Rementer; Jan Rieckhoff; Emily Robertson; Tex Rubinowitz; Patric Sandri; Marjane Satrapi-Ripa; Katrin Schacke; Franziska Schaum; Bernd Schifferdecker; Dirk Schmidt; Ol Schwarzbach; Yuko Shimizu; David Shrigley; Wieslaw Smetek; Michael Sowa; Daniel Stolle; Ward Sutton; Kera Till; Riccardo Vecchio; Andrea Ventura; Marco Ventura; Roland Vorlaufer; Mario Wagner; Lutz Widmaier; Richard Wilkinson; Freimut Wössner; Stephanie Wunderlich


In twenty monothematic specials a year, we cover diverse topics like fashion, design, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, outdoor, arts, gifts or food and drink. It is the imaginative,

diverse and perspective interpretation of such topics that induces the great reputation of these issues among our readers and the specialised press.


EDITION 46 is the SZ-Magazin's 46th edition of the year. And each year, an internationally renowned artist designs it in its entirety. This tradition now exists for 18 years. Anselm Kiefer started it in 1990, followed through the years by Jeff Koons, Jenny

Holzer, Sigmar Polke and Matthew Barney. American artist Barbara Kruger has mapped out last year's Edition 46. Though the artists may vary, the idea has always remained the same: one artist designs the entire edition.


The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin exists for over 20 years and has developed into a leading medium in the world of magazines, as proven by the mire of over 200 awards by several national and international juries of experts all over the world. Among them are: ADC Award Germany, ADC Award Europe, ADC Award New York, Lead Award,

red dot design award, World Press Photo, Society of News Design, Society of Publication Design, Type Director's Club New York. You will find a full record on all its awards for its achievements in journalism, graphic design and photography online at


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